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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Updated: Coastal Douglas Fir near Nanoose Bay

Logging of old-growth Douglas fir trees began today above the west end of Nanoose Bay. The Crown land known as DL 33 has been the site of a struggle between local environmentalists and the Snaw-naw-as (Nanoose) First Nation, which holds a permit to log the grove.

Update: "People in the woods" halted logging on November 9 and 10, according to eyewitnesses.

Below, loggers on the walking trail into DL 33.

The woodlot is one of the last stands of old-growth coastal Douglas fir on the east island.

Commercial logging has stripped Vancouver Island of most of its original Douglas fir forests. Some of these trees are estimated to be 300 years old.

Info: Nanoose Bay Forest. Photos: James Coccola.

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